Vanilla Gorilla: Animal Art & Poems is a book for all the family to enjoy. It’s 24 pages full of colorful animal art and whimsical poems that transport you to another place and time. While you’re having fun reading Vanilla Gorilla you’ll also learn interesting facts about each of the animals. Ever heard of a “Sophonophore”? (Hint: It’s something super OOEY GOOEY). Do you know how a chameleon changes color?

When a crocodile does not smile

You still can see its teeth.

It wears its skin pulled up to its chin

And right down to its feet.

It dreams of dining while opining

Face down in the muck.

So you’d best keep back inside your shack—

Or you could be out of luck.

The world would be a better
place if reading were more FUN!



Dragonflys have two sets of wings
Unlike other flying things.

That’s why you see them in your town
Flying backwards and upside down,

Or landing on your uncle’s hat
Sometimes just to take a nap.

But the important thing that you must know—They will not bite your little toe!

We want to hear from you!
Drawyour own animal picture and writea poem about it. Send it to us at vanilla.gorilla.book@gmail.com and
we’ll post it on Vanilla Gorilla’s facebook page.


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