Collage Art: How It’s Made

The creation of the collage art for Vanilla Gorilla is a multi-step process that relies on attention to detail, a strong attitude towards of color and shapes, a sharp X-Acto blade, lots of glue, and lastly, a sense of humor. Below I’ve chosen to show the steps in creating one of my favorite recent pieces called Un Jour Venteux (A Blustery Day), from my Summer Series collection.

Step One:
I draw several sketches til I get to a finalized version that illustrates all the detail of what will be the finished collage.

Sketches for A Blustery Day by Judith Krimski

From left: The finished sketch with the dog flipped around and background details added, my initial sketch.

Step Two:
I have an extensive library of hand colored papers that I can use but in this case I needed to create some new textures for the pavement and also the background grass. For the pavement I start with a piece of painted white paper. I almost always use an ink roller for the base color because it’s quick and gives the surface a bit more of a “tooth”. Once it dried I layered black and grey paint on top until I achieved a pavement effect. In order to create the stone look I made a stamp from pieces of spongy sheets (from a crafts store) hot glued onto a piece of wood. The last step was to roll some black ink onto my stamp and apply to the paper. Voila! Before you can say “Si Vous Plait”, I’ve got my pavement texture.

Working with stamps

From Left: Gluing the squares to create the stamp. A little black ink and a roller to make the pavement texture.

Step Three:
Finally I’m ready to cut-out and glue my collage. Each component is traced onto it’s corresponding paper, cut out, and carefully glued together using Modge Podge matte glue. As the various elements of the picture are finished I glue them into place.

collage step 3

From left. Using the finished sketch to cut out shapes. Composing the final collage.

Step Four:
Finally my picture is finally complete and I can sit back and enjoy it! I hope you will too.
To view more collage art from the Summer Series click here.

A Blustery Day

The completed illustration entitled "Un Jour Venteux" by Judith Krimski. All Rights Reserved.


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